Pet Insurance and Finance

Is your pet insured?

VetLove Clinics highly recommend Pet Insurance! All too often we see sudden unexpected illness or accidents which without insurance can be expensive if you aren’t prepared for them. For a small monthly fee (from as little as 27c/day depending on the type of cover you choose) you can insure your best friend for accidents, illness or even routine care such as vaccinations, worming and desexing.

VetLove highly recommends the protection and peace of mind that pet insurance offers, giving you more freedom to treat your best friend with fewer financial constraints. Each Vet Clinic has a wide range of pet insurance options to suite your needs. Contact our friendly VetLove team to discuss your pet's insurance needs further.

Pet Insurance gives you more freedom to treat your best friend with fewer financial constraints. For information on pet insurance options contact your local VetLove clinic. With all insurance policies, always remember to read the PDS (product disclosure statement), as a tool to compare each (so you can determine which insurer’s policy is the right one for you and your pet).

Reading through the PDS will help you understand the finer details of what kinds of things a policy will cover, as well as what is not covered and under what kinds of circumstances a claim will be denied.

Without knowing these things, it’s possible you may purchase an insurance policy that isn’t actually right for you and your pet.

Please be aware there is a minimum Finance amount - ask your Nurse when you apply for Finance.



VetPay payment solutions are designed to help pet owners pay for veterinary expenses. VetPay is about starting treatment now and paying for it over time. Our unique online processing system takes away the angst of form-filling and offers fast approvals.