About Us

VetLove is the product of over 20 years of vet work by Dr Geoff Wilson. Dr Geoff has worked in all areas of veterinary science. Starting dairy and equine practice in South Gippsland in the early 90’s, Geoff earnt his stripes buried in the cold mud of South Gippsland pulling calves and treating penguins on Phillip Island. A stint in the UK saw Geoff treating all creatures great and small in Wales, Scotland and Northern England. One of Dr Geoff’s last patients before coming back to Oz was the Duke of Northumberland’s prize horse! Dr Geoff has worked in private practice treating small animals now for over 20 years. A passion for soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery and creating happy veterinary teams has seen Geoff work from small  solo vet clinics to large corporate teams. This wide array of experience and 360 view of the Vet Industry has led to percolation of ideas and a clarity on the most enjoyable way to do practice to retain the Love of Vet Science - the birth of VETLOVE.


“I see VETLOVE as the end result of working in every different type of vet practice all over the globe… it is where I would like to finish my vet career – creating a small network of focused, cohesive, team driven, passionate animal loving healthcare professionals who believe we are the answer to the corporatising and monetising of our loved pets and friends.” - Dr Geoff Wilson 2016.


Whilst Dr Geoff is our primary orthopaedic surgeon across the group, the focus is on family practice being delivered by your local key vet who owns his or her own VETLOVE practice and truly shares the same ethos and goals. In this way, we can provide an experience like no other, sharing the VETLOVE each and every time you meet in a VETLOVE Practice.

This vet is ably supported by our VetLove Services team, so he or she can focus entirely on you and your pet needs. Please come in and meet us. We’d love you to encourage and guide us in our quest to provide veterinary excellence with VETLOVE being core to all we do daily !



To be the most loved vet practice group in Australia.


Our mission is to provide Veterinary clinics of excellence, where top class medicine and surgery are standard but above all, that a passion and love for animals is clearly felt by patients, clients and staff alike.

We will provide a place where VETLOVE abounds !


These are the values we use as a checklist to make good decisions:

  • Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Challenge
  • Service
  • Truth


VetLove Services Charter

We exist to support our practices who in turn support our clients.

We must deliver high standards of excellence, taking the very best from the leaders in each clinic and sharing with other clinics in a collegiate atmosphere that makes us stronger and more able to provide the very best in vet care on each and every occasion.

We centralise the boring management but achieve economy of scale. We focus on continual education, getting better at what we do all the time. We provide support at a local veterinary level that ensures all our clinicians and nurses can forget the nasty business detail and can focus on you and your pet to provide concentrated VetLove !


Areas Of Veterinary Excellence

  • Staff Recruitment,  Training and Development.
  • Procurement & Contracts Administration
  • Marketing and Advertising Excellence
  • Clinical Practice Excellence Standards
  • Customer Service Programs & Administraion
  • IT Infrastructure & Support
  • Finance and Risk Management


Head Office Contacts

  • CEO and Acting General Manager: Dr Geoff Wilson
  • Managing Director: Mel Klutentreter
  • Chief Financial Officer: Amber MacQueen
  • Administration Manager: Brianna Lynch
  • Email: administration@vetlove.com.au